Lukrø presenta nuevo EP via HAWAII BONSAI

El artista peruano Lukrø presenta su primera placa bajo el sello suizo de música tropical Hawaii Bonsai. En "Futuro Interior" Lukrø explora bajo su propio estilo junto a artistas peruanos como Khromatik, Jankely o Alonso aka Piensamalenelbeat, la música afroperuana de la mano del baile funk y el dembow.

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A flavour of Afro-Peruvian music - fueled by the sound of quijada (a dried donkey's jawbone) and cajón-driven rhythms - runs strongly through the upcoming debut album by Vitu Valera. Entitled 'MIGRX', the LP explores the topic of a migrant's struggle and does so by featuring as many as eight guest appearances from artists who are all migrants themselves, including legendary Peruvian musician Miki González (aka Mikongo) as well as Lukrø, Carla Valenti and Paulopulus. A prime example of such a collaborative approach comes in a form of the dancehall-infused 'MIAO' track.

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